Welcome to Lovetown, USA


Just 30 minutes north of Jacksonville, Florida and 35 miles south of Brunswick, Georgia is the small but ever growing town of Kingsland, GA which is known by many names. Kingsland is known as Oprah’s choice in 2012 for her Lovetown, USA choice, named recently first Coast Guard Community in the USA. Few people know what a hidden jewel Kingsland and it’s surrounding communities of St. Mary’s and Woodbine are wonders waiting for the outside world to explore.

My favorite destination is nestled just a few miles off the main land on your way out to the Atlantic Ocean. Cumberland Island is just the place for a perfect adventure on the beach or along the trails.


The island now a National Park was once inhabited by the Carneige family, now only a few descendants of Thomas and Lucy Carneige remain. In the early 1880’s the Carneige’s came to Cumberland in hopes to find a private retreat from social life. In 1886 Dungeness, the main house was completed with 59 rooms the Queen Anne style was stunning. Sadly the house was completed after Thomas Carneige had passed, with her husband gone Lucy wanted to keep her children close so she had 2 addition houses built on the island Greyfield for Margret and  Plum Orchard for George. In 1959 the main house feature above burnt down some say it was arson, but the residence of Cumberland Island and Camden County will never know.

Among the ruins of Dungeness is the southern charm of what Georgia has to offer. With most of the pathways being covered by old oaks it is truly breath taking at every turn. The one thing I enjoyed was following the pack of wild horses around the Island. Once domesticated and imported on to the island by the Spanish, currently though their existence is endangered.IMG_4550

If you are up for a camping adventure Cumberland Island certainly offers this adventure. Keep in mind the boat only runs during the day, you can also stay at Greyfield Inn if you rather not sleep on the ground.

If you would like more information feel free to visit the links I posted below about Cumberland Island.




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