Welcome to Kingsland, Georgia


In 1788, the King Family bought a large  piece of land just west of St. Mary’s, Georgia. Mr. King built his plantation and named it Woodlawn. Many years later in 1893 his great grandson’s William and John built a home on that same land. On Christmas Day that year the first passenger train passed through. Not knowing what to call the stop, they saw the only building in sight which was William and John’s home on “ King’s Land”.With the railroad no stopping through the Kingsland, it set in motion an era of development in the newly founded town. Soon with with stores, businesses and homes built in the area mapped out by William King around his property the need for an official township took place. It was then Kingsland was official founded in 1908 and William King it’s first mayor.

coca cola

Though the years Kingsland has been home to many businesses  including Coca Cola Bottling company in 1915, which in 1927 became the Claxton Bottling Works. The plant created many jobs for the growing town’s citizens until its final day in 1953.

In the 1970’s the local area became home to the men and woman who served in the Navy and Marines. King’s Bay Naval Submarine Base commissioned in 1978. In 1989, King’s Bay received it’s first submarine as it rang in a new era for the community because the Navy had decided to change it mission from support to a home port for the Atlantic Fleet. If you have always wondered what it’s like to be in a submarine or see one you can visit the Submarine museum in downtown St. Mary’s or visit the USS Bancroft Sail Exhibit located just on the outside of the Main Gate of King’s Bay.


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