Welcome to St. Mary’s


To continue on our adventure around Camden County area, next is St. Mary’s, the oldest town in the county.

When the Spanish founded Florida and St. Augustine in the mid 16th century , St. Marys was originally apart of the settlement. In 1763 Georgia was created after the Treaty of Paris. Locals of the Camden County area gathered on Cumberland Island and signed a charter for St. Mary’s in November of 1787, 20 people signed that charter Isaac Wheeler, William Norris, Nathaniel Ashley, William Ashley, Lodowick Ashley, James Seagrove, James Finley James Fleming, Robert Seagrove, Henry Osborne, Thomas Norris, Jacob Weed, John Alexander, Langley Bryant, Jonathan Bartlett, Stephen Conyers, William Keady, Prentis Gallup, Simeon Gillingham and Richard Cole.

No one really knows how St. Mary’s got it’s name, some say because of the St. Mary’s river other say after a Spanish mission, Santa Maria which was located on Amelia Island just across the river. How ever the name came about in December of 1792 Georgia legislature passed and act recognizing St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s is on with such a vast history that even myself has never realized. In June 1796 the Treaty of Colerain was signed in the area. It was a treaty between the United States and the Creek Nation. Just before the war of 1812 Congress passed an act prohibiting importation of Slaves. After this act was signed St. Mary’s and surrounding areas became the center of smuggling.

orange hall

(Image of Orange Hall)

St. Mary’s has so much to offer just by taking a walk down Osborne Street, which takes you to the beautiful waterfront.

st marys mag

( Image of the Peacemaker that frequents our port)

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