What to do on a rainy day? 

NWS1007Hurricane Matthew-Georgia1

(Image was from Hurricane Matthew in October 8, 2016, curtesy  Curtis Compton/ Atlanta Journal- Constitution via AP)

No it certainly wasn’t raining like this to where we had to board up and put the pedal to the metal leaving dodge. It’s starting to feel that way the last 2 weeks with all the rain. Down side can’t get great pictures in the rain, but it’s helping put out the West Mims wildfire in the neighboring county of Charlton.

With Father’s day coming up this weekend, we were running out of time to get the perfect gift for my Fiancé’s father. Sometimes finding that perfect gift is easy, but this one had us stumped. We decided to take a trip to downtown St. Mary’s, we usually find the most unique gifts in the small shops. Since he was a retired Submariner, to took a chance and went to the St. Mary’s Submarine Museum. Being a history nerd I find places like this fascinating. It has history about the ironclad from the Civil War and pretty much all the way up to today.


After we found our gift, I managed to talk my Fiancé, into trying a new restaurant that had opened recently next door called Bessie’s. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had seen some interesting food combination’s on their Facebook page. When we walked in it was a warm and inviting scenery, what I loved was the cute little section for their ice cream shop ” Bessie’s Sweets”, I sort of made me think of an old soda shop crossed with a country aspect.

bessies sweets

You place your order at the counter and take a seat while your food is cooking. Pretty much you take care of your self. My fiancé ordered the Black and Blue burger, which he said it tasted like it was homemade and not out of a box. I love when place make their own it tells you how much they care. His burger look great unfortunately I didn’t get a photo because he inhaled it. I had ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, with sauté onions. The chicken was again something like it came from a butches shop not a packages chicken. It was very juicy and tender. The buns on both were potato something I rarely see or eat. We both decided to share something from the sharable menu not knowing he got fries with his. We tried the Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries, wow they were good, we ended up having to get them to go because there were so much in portion. All and all the food tasted great.

For more information on the Submarine Museum  or Bessie’s please feel free to visit the links below.



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