Fresh off the Farm

One thing I love about living in a rural area, is the amount of fresh produce you can find fresh from the farm. I live in an area where we have 3 farmers markets every Saturday and one big one that is open everyday.  It’s the local one’s on Saturday where I feel the best taste of fresh off the farm is achieved. Farmers-Market

One of the local farms I love to visit  is Vacuna Farms. I love the fact that this farm like many others do, invite you to come and pick your own produce off the vine and branch. From the first time I ventured there to pick blueberries to now. I have always admired their hard work to bring the community a good quality product. There is something relaxing and fun when it comes to getting your own food vs. going to the grocery store, where you may more may not find the best produce.


This weekend I found the most amazing peaches and other produce that I simply just could nor resist. You’ll soon find out this week what the ingredients I found are going to make.

My theme this week for cooking is focusing off what these local farms had to offer.

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