About this Georgia Girl

Hello to all from Lovetown, USA. I’m Ana. I am a mom, homemaker, any many other things. I grew up in many different places. I’ve learned how to be strong through my experiences.

I grew with always having my family around me, my aunt and uncle were always like second parents to me and my cousin the sister I wish I had. My grandparents where my favorite people who inspired a lot of things in me from my art, to my creativity and my cooking skills. My dad a former Marine and Lawyer was always there to tell me to do what ever I wanted in life. My mom showed me her strength in determination and working hard.

The Mother

In 2010 I became a mother, since that day I have learned a lot. I knew early on she would be different from the rest. Fast forward to 2013 when my second child was born, everyday since her birth she has challenged me to new heights.

The Daughter

I had the most unconventional childhood so to say. My parent’s divorced when I was very young after 10 years or so. The difference between most children with divorced parents is they still lived together to co parent their only child. Eventually when I was 15 my mom branched out on her own with me behind her, allowing both of them to be their own persons and sharing me. My mom found her career after years of being my dad’s right hand at his law firm. Now 2017, I am caring for my father who had to retire a few years ago due to dementia. I have learned how hard it is at the age of 30 to care for a parent. Now I find it my strength to help my dad though his life.

The Partner

We have been together 7 years now it’s been one crazy whirl wind of a ride. He is my biggest food critic, he is there to listen to me when I need to vent. He is goofy and smart when it comes to what needs to be fixed or if I come up with a crazy idea like starting a garden or building a dining table, he is my Bob the Builder. Most importantly I could do the journey of parenthood with out his back up.

Then there is Me as Me

I’ve taken many different paths in life. Growing up I excelled at different things. I inherited my grandmother’s artistic traits giving me that passion to draw. My passion for cooking also comes from her. My aunt taught me to quilt which led to my brief adventure into creating children costumes. My family has been the biggest influence in my life. I have a passion for history and what it has to offer us in lessons.

So sit back and enjoy the journey with me as I discover the world around me. Share my cooking skills, trick and tips. I hope that if anyone is struggling with caring for a parent with dementia or a child with special needs will find my words helpful.

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